The Visions of this Ministry

The Cottage Industries
This will equip pastors’ wives in villages to have a business; specifically an oven for baking which enables them to earn money to care for their family, and to hire others to impart job skills.

The Scholarship/Education Ministry
This enables young men and women to go to school to learn trades for the em-betterment of the people.

Evangelism and Church Planting
Sharing the Gospel to others in the villages and to fellowship with them.

Our most urgent needs

We genuinely appreciate everything and everyone that gives to the ministry, without your gracious support we could not do Gods work. We are blessed beyond measure but we could use a few things:

  • A 15 passenger van to transport mission groups to the mission field. This would also give jobs to drivers.
  • A big screen (at least 40″) and DVD player with a generator for the children’s ministry.
  • Educational books, paper, pens, pencils, desks, instructional posters to go in the school that is being built on the land that the chiefs gave us.
  • Concrete blocks for the school building.
  • Scholarships for the students. Presently we are sending 6 students to school but many more need to go.

We would love to expand the scholarship ministry so any help there would be greatly appreciated.

GOG (24)

Getting ready to show the Jesus film!

GOG (21)

We showed the Jesus film in this small coastal fishing village, Ada in Eastern Ghana.